Monday, 31 July 2017

As an occasional treat ...

We like to buy a hot rotisserie chicken from the supermarkets. Due to the price now being around the £6 mark, I like to get as many meals from it as possible. Yes I know it would be cheaper to buy and roast myself, but I simply cannot replicate the fantastic taste and moisture that the hot version has.

We bought one for this week and as soon as were home and the rest of the shopping was put away, I set to (after a cup of tea), to pick the cascass clean and the carcass added to my pressure cooker along with some bay leaves and other herbs and hot water:
The meat was put to one side:
It was cooked for 10 minutes, left to depressurise normally before having carrots, celery, onion and potatoes added to it. It was cooked for another 10 minutes under pressure, again allowed to depressurise naturally, thickened, 2 stock cubes added plus some herbs and the last bit of garlic cream cheese:
We had 4 ladles each over 2 days for lunches, so all in all, a good start.


  1. I love a whole chicken. There's so many ways to use the whole thing.
    J x

  2. I don't go to the supermarket on Sundays very often but if I do I ok for any chickens reduced. I've been lucky on occasions. I agree about the flavour.

  3. I've never tried one of their rotisserie chickens, though they do always smell very tempting xx

  4. I haven't roasted a chicken in years. Locally they are around $9 a bird. I can't buy and cook a chicken for that price.

    But we get a couple of meals and a soup out of it, so it's a cheap meal for us.

  5. Our fresh, raw chickens are almost double the price of a rotisserie chicken. I just saw a program on TV that says they sell them at a loss (or just at cost) to get you to come in and buy other things. That is in Canada and the USA. So if you can resist all the other goodies in the store, a rotisserie chicken is a good deal...just watch the sodium content.


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