Monday, 7 August 2017

Any ideas - its Datura Stramonium or Jimson Weed!

A strange plant has materialised in my front garden. I certainly haven't planted it. It is about 12 inches tall, has cyclindrical shaped flower buds and odd shaped leaves:
and 3" long white flowers:
Also, on the top picture, can you see that soft spiky bud inbetween two flower buds (seed head possibly?

Thanks Joyce for identifying it, I shall dispose of it soon to be on the safe side, grand dog reasons!


  1. One of those was shown in our local newspaper - been recycled so I cant check. But the same spiky buds. It is very poisonous, and I think that included touching it. The advice was to remove carefully and burn it. Hope someone else can confirm or otherwise.

  2. Hubby says he does not know what it is but can he have one lol

  3. Looks like Jimpson Weed or some people call them moon flowers. They grow quite large and are considered either lovely ornamentals, or noxious weeds (they are poisonous to cattle).

    1. Yes, I did think it might be jimson weed or datura straminium, as lovely as it is, I will be disposing of it!

  4. Looks like a thorn apple ( Datura Stramonium) to me. When you get the spiny fruit after the flower you can be sure. Spectacular plant though poisonous.


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