Friday, 11 August 2017

Raised vegetable beds

Have done reasonable well in this topsy turvy weather:

Bed 1:
Had broad beans in it followed by lettuce and now has dwarf french beans, one tomato and some parsley in it. It also has the new mini compost bin inserted into it which so far, seems to be working okay.

Bed 2:
Has leeks in it which also had radish interplanted when they were young and a few beetroot, which have since been harvested.

Bed 3:
Has 2 rows of carrots which I must start using, some more beetroot, and a second and third sowing of lettuce. This is the next bed to get a mini compost bin so I must get on and harvest it soon.

Bed 4:
Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli peppers which have gone purple in places. This is not rot or mould but apparently a reaction to extreme temperatures.

Has had radish, lettuce, beetroot and chilli peppers in it. Second sowing of beetroot is almost ready and the chilli plants need harvesting again. Already had one lot which are chopped and in the freezer.

All in all, not too bad. We can't be anywhere near self sufficient but really enjoy just wandering out there to pick vegetables and fruit, so fulfilling!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Hello DC.. I've just returned to the world of blogging and popped in to say hi. Your vegetable beds look good. You have a lovely weekend too :o)

  2. The gardens have done well with the hot early summer and now the rain, I would just love some more sun to ripen the peppers.

  3. Every little bit helps. Like you we will never manage to be self sufficient but have a great deal of fun trying.

    God bless.

  4. It all looks very productive 😊

  5. We love being able to eat things we've grown ourselves, so rewarding xx

  6. Thanks everyone. So good to grow, pick and eat. A completely different taste to shop bought.


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