Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Blue Air Crochet...

I am at the penultimate stage of my granny square jerkin and my, at times, has the air been a bit on the blue side.

I thought I had worked out what size it needed to be and how many squares to crochet. They were all joined together and neatly edged around all outside edges. Then I tried it on again and disaster, it was all bulging and hanging outwards, especially under and around the armholes.

It was unpicked and one whole section of 3 squares under each armhole removed, stitched back up and is now a lot better:

Both front sections now match which they didn't previously but the end result of the removal of two panels worth of squares is that there is not quite enough front to it. Searching around on the good old internet, I think I have found a solution (another new technique) and if I can pull it off, will show the end result on here. Wish me luck!


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