Tuesday 25 October 2011

So - what meals do we have on our Food Combining way of eating?

We stick 95% to this way of eating, the 5% exception being Sunday which is our weigh day. We reserve that day for treats. Below is a basic list of our meals, we eat a greater variety than this. 
Monday to Friday - Porridge made with water, sugar, topped with some cream and dried fruit. 
Saturday - Cereals with watered down cream (this made me feel ill so I have to have milk).
Sunday - Toast & Jam/Honey/Marmite.

Soup, salad or banana sandwiches, pasta, something on toast, fry-up, bubble & squeak.

Evening Meal
Meat & vegetables, vegetarian curry/bolognese/goulash, jacket potato with creamy mushrooms & salad, fish & vegetables/salad, potato wedges with salad or vegetables etc.

Basically, any recipe which I can adapt is used. If we have a roast dinner we'll eat roast parsnips instead of roast potatoes. If we fancy roast/mash potatoes with roasted meat on our Sunday treat day, we have them but not any other day. The same goes for a bacon sandwich. We used to eat quite a lot of these but now rarely have them. 

We occasionally miss cheese or meat sandwiches but oddly enough, when we do have them we realize we haven't really missed them so again, only have them as a treat. A full fry up (minus the fried bread) satiates our bacon need. When we have meat to use, we eat meat versions of curry/bolognese/goulash etc but instead of having them with pasta or rice, we eat roasted vegetables or vegetable patties etc.

Pudding/baked consumption has really gone down. The problem with puddings/cakes is the mixture of complete eggs and flour. So I do bake but usually non-sponge things. Apple pie is out unless made with sweet apples (or tarte tatin) but we love stewed fruit and cream etc. Again, if we really fancy a combined sweet/cake we have it - on a Sunday. Most days, the sweet version of our meals is fruit or yoghurt. 
We are not saints and if we get a very strong urge for something 'non-combined' we will have it but often wished we hadn't bothered. Our mince pies the other day used vegetable fat instead of lard in the pastry and vegetable suet instead of beef in the filling - couldn't tell the difference from a taste point of view.

There you have it.

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  1. Gollie, you are doing well! And you seem very comitted to stick to your plans.


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