Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Utter Indulgence!

We thought we would make something naughty but nice for Christmas after we came across a recipe for Sloe Berry Chocolate Vodka on this web site:

The music can be a bit distracting but bear with it, its worth it. We bought a 70cl bottle of the cheapest vodka we could find and followed the recipe but used 125g of white sugar instead of the recommended 100g – don't know why, it just felt right. After emptying the other 20cl of vodka into another container we found we couldn't fit everything back in so I would strongly recommend finding and using a 1 litre bottle/jar/container to store this in whilst it 'brews'.

Anyway, here is his recipe:

Break up 200g of good quality (70%+ cocoa) dark chocolate into a pan. Add 100g (or 125g) of white sugar, 1/2 litre of vodka and 250g sloes that have previously been frozen. You can use fresh but will have to prick them. Warm gently until all the chocolate has melted. Pour through a sieve into a jug. Feed the sloes from the sieve into the bottle then pour in all the chocolate vodka mix. Its easier to use a funnel for this stage. Store for 2 months.

He doesn't say anything about shaking it like you normally would in sloe gin/vodka as the sugar is already dissolved. He also doesn't say whether you leave the sloes in after the 2 months is up. We have decided we will strain them out after this time then refill the bottle. We tasted a little and it is reminiscent of good quality chocolate miniature bottles – the ones that come out this time of year with Rum, Tia Maria, Whisky etc in them.

So … we went dashing out to find some more sloes and now have another 700g in the freezer - I think we will be making another batch when we can get some more vodka!

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  1. That sounds a great treat for X-mas!
    Unfortunately I have to stay off alcohol(ever since I contracted Asthma) as it gives me a nasty alergic reaction. So, alcohol free punch will be my treat this year.


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