Monday 19 December 2011

Feeling better

Had my monthly massage today. It made my shoulders and neck feel a lot better. She said they and my hands and feet were particularly tight. The lady who does my massage has now started to use frugal laundry liquid and distilled vinegar for all her washing. As you can imagine, she has many towels to wash each day and although she tumble dries them to keep them soft for her clients, she reckons she will be saving an absolute fortune on washing liquid and conditioner.

Been a cold and wet day today although not windy. Hopefully tomorrow will be dry so I can get some washing on the line.

Due to have a haircut tomorrow so that will keep me looking better for the next 6 weeks. My hairdresser is mobile which saves me a lot of money.

We enjoyed our shepherd's pie last night and had the remains for a late lunch. For tea we had spicy beetroot soup with wholemeal, whole grain mustard bread. Nice!

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