Thursday, 1 December 2011

Going, going, gone!

The final stage of the street light story unfolded today, in less than 10 minutes. A crane lorry arrived. 

A chain was attached to the concrete lamp post to steady it. The workmen then cut through the base – lots of sparks!

The crane took the strain and began to lift.

It began to swing around and was then lowered onto the back of the lorry.

At last, a clear view of the new lamp post, which it has to be said, is far brighter than the old one – lights the front room up well if you need to come into it during the night for anything.

We still don't yet know if our new lights will be switched off after midnight or not.

The basket that I made yesterday has spent the night under weights and bricks and has flattened down well. It has now lost its slight wobble.

The bread I made the other day with some soya flour in it tastes fine. We both had slight indigestion not long after eating it but as it wasn't as well cooked inside as normal, we feel this is the cause rather than the soya flour. Will toast some today to see if we get the same problem. No walk today, hope to go tomorrow if B. if fit as she is quite wheezy with asthma.


  1. This time of year the damp weather is always trouble for us asthmatics. I feel for your friend. Hope she gets better, soon. Touch wood, mine seems to be under good control with my inhalers, but the cold air of wintery days always takes my breath away, early in the morning.

  2. Gorgeous blue skies in Norfolk yesterday! K's asthma has also been troublesome this week. When she visited to collect Bold on Monday and was coughing I was right back there with her as a small child, when she coughed every night from September to May.

    I also wanted to let you know that as I enjoy your blog so much I have given you an award. Full details can be found on my blog post today.

  3. I noticed - thank you Scarlet. Will sort it out tomorrow when I've figured how to link to everyone I want to (or even back to you). As its getting on, am just going to put up my walk photographs today and have a bash tomorrow. Thanks again.


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