Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Decanting my Christmas Vodka drinks

Had a good time last night at our 'school' Christmas meal. I was the driver so drank water which suits me fine. The evening got more and more merry as it progressed but as the place closed at 9.00pm (it was a tea room/cafe) we moved on to a pub for another hour or two!

Everyone agreed that the starter and dessert was very nice but the main course a little dry. There was a mountain of vegetables (came in a lasagne sized dish and the 7 of us couldn't even get half way through it. They could do with some of Frugal Queen's portion control – would save them a fortune.

Decided to decant my Sloe Berry Chocolate Vodka. The sloes temporarily looked like maltesers but certainly didn't taste like them.

Ended up with a pint of very strong stuff – just a couple of tablespoons licking out the jug started to have an effect! I will definitely make it again but will add the full amount of sugar next time as it is quite tart but lovely. 

Also decanted one bottle of Sloe Vodka. 

It was quite sweet but was pale and didn't have too much of a sloe taste so will leave the other bottle to infuse for another month or so then mix them together.


  1. Mix the sloes with melted chocolate and spread on a baking tray. Leave to harden in the fridge, then cut into squares. Instant sloe vodka choccies. Yum
    Debbie x

  2. Thanks Debbie. Don't know how easy it would be to eat them due to the stone inside the sloes.

  3. Both vodkas look very nice :)
    The sloe berry chocolate codka sounds interesting, I would like to try making that sometime.

  4. looks great I have pitted cherries soaking in brandy which will make it into my black forest style trifle , might coat some in chocolate as sweeties as an experiment

  5. Hilde - the recipe for the chocolate vodka is under my recipe label for 26th October. Squirrel Family - I reckon your cherries in chocolate would be better than the sloes as it is not easy to pit them.


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