Saturday, 21 January 2012

As I had lots of leftover bits in my fridge, I decided to make an 'anything goes' quiche. It contains pancetta, onion, mushroom, tomato and cheese. I made it using a base of pastry made from 1/2 lb of flour and 4 oz lard. 

After lining and blind baking the quiche base, there was enough scraps of pastry left over (more or less) to make a rather scruffy open mince tart. No matter, looks aren't everything and it will be delicious with some custard.

We have been on the prowl for some nice oak furniture for our dining room. This room is the bane of my life. It was once a bedroom and when the previous owners extended the bungalow, it became the dining room with not only a patio door in it but also another three. There is an open arch to get through to the two extra bedrooms, another arch into the kitchen and a proper door to actually get into it from the hall.This door was removed as soon as we moved in otherwise it takes up too much room.

Anyway, after visiting many shops over the past few weeks (timed on our normal shopping days to save petrol) and beginning to despair of ever finding what we wanted, we ended up at a local hand-crafted furniture shop. We have had no-where to store our crockery other than the spare bedroom wardrobe. Now we have bought a lovely little solid oak unit to store it in (plus other things no doubt). 

We had also been looking for a blanket box for the spare room as the bedding for the bed settee goes to and fro from the attic. Now it can be stored in this lovely oak box.

What was more important, despite spending money on them, was the fact they ended up a third cheaper than the other places we had looked. More important still, they were exactly what we were looking for as we don't intend to buy any more furniture once this current spend is over. We are now shopping for our ahem - 'old age'!!!


  1. Your quiche looks great , and I agree about the mince tart - it will taste great. I made jam tarts with leftover pastry this week - they were very nice. Your furniture is lovely. The living room at the old house was the bane of my life - a door from outside, a door to the kitchen, and the staircase - it felt like more of a corridor than a room.

  2. I love the look of your quiche, haven't made one for ages and just the inspiration to make one.


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