Thursday, 26 January 2012

Freezer stock check ready for food challenge

Yesterday saw our monthly shop (excluding meat and further top ups) come to £81.93, which leaves us £58.07 for the rest of the month. In the indoor freezer are: 2 meals of fish, some meat to make probably 3 cornish pasties each, 2 soups worth of frozen chicken wings, 3 meals of Bratwurst, 2 chicken legs and 1 breast. The outdoor freezer has: 2 pea and ham soup, 2 sweet potato soup, 1 chilli con carne, 1 port and tomatillo stew and various packets of home grown gooseberries, plums and cooking apples.

We are going to try yet again, getting back to a more usual way of eating – still with lots of vegetables. Food combining is great but quite expensive. I will endeavour though to not mix every meal as I don't think my stomach will take it. Time will tell.

Breakfasts are always set so we know what we'll be having. Monday to Friday porridge, Saturday cereals and Sunday, toast and marmalade.

Almost every lunch is soup except on our walks when it might be a sandwich or a small meal. When we have a meal, we don't eat in the evenings. Soup is very satisfying and is cheap and can be stretched to at least 2 days, often 3.

No, it is the evening meals that I will have to be careful on. It seems no matter how well you cater for food, price wise, it is on an ever increasing spiral. Still, we are looking forward to the challenge.

Tonight won't count as it is our ex school bi-monthly get together, this time at our house and is considered a treat. We order a set meal from the chinese then divi up the bill between us. Hubby and I of course feel this pinch as we are the only ones as a couple that attend. Still, all in all it should work out at around £7.00 each – drinks included.

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