Monday, 16 January 2012

Hot chips on a cold day

Welcome to my new follower Fran over at Bonnie of Clyde. 

We drove over to Norwich today for a look around. As lovely a city as it is, I really detest shopping, especially in the cold. Had a nice tray of newly fried chips in the market though to warm us up!

Called in for food shopping to get us through this last week before pay day. I think it is now apparent in this test run, that whilst £30 per week for food might be more or less okay, to include toiletries etc in this amount is just not going to work. So come pay day, we will allocate £35 per week and see how we get on. We normally do a monthly shop followed by top ups. It is these that raises the cost, so we will really have to try and keep them down as well as the cost of the monthly shop itself.


  1. I start my £100 per month shopping budget when J gets paid on 26th. I am busy with list making so that I know what I really need to buy and where from. I took Mum to Sbury's today and priced things up - some things are cheaper than Asda.Home Bargains is near S'bury's and I need some things from there so those shops can be combined into one trip which will also save me money on petrol. I'm doing well this month- only 1/4 tank used since 1st January.

  2. Thanks for the welcome. £35 is still tough, good luck x

  3. We spent one of our days on honeymoon(Cromer Lighthouse) in Norwich it was a lovely day out. We still laugh now at the time we spent hunting for the mustard museum ........until we realised we had been in it earlier in the day! The castle was great fun too! The market with its fixed stalls is a stroke of genius.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I'm still not sure £35 will be enough but will see how we get on. I love Norwich on a lovely day when we can take a picnic down by the river and have a meander. Enjoyed its market although quite a few stalls weren't open (wrong day/recession?)


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