Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In and out again

Well, our trial run of spending only £30 per week all in on groceries and toiletries etc is going okay. Last week we spent £1.71 and so far this week, £13.33 (haven't got any meat in yet so that will rise!).

Pay day for DB is the 24th of each month so we will begin in earnest then. Have also started SFT's sealed pot challenge (don't know how to let her know). This will be quite a slow process for us as very little loose cash is leftover but we are sticking with saving £2 coins. We have always put 5p pieces in a pot and every now and then empty that as well. Might not cover all of Christmas 2012 but every little helps.

DS. & FDiL. are also doing well. They are having to stretch their money over 5 rather than the usual 4 weeks as pay day was a week early due to Christmas. Have just ordered in a 1/2 load of logs from a local chap. They are getting delivered at 8.30am tomorrow morning. We will have to see how many we can stack before going on our weekly walk – a double work out!


  1. Well done on your grocery challenge you are doing really well. Wish I could spend so little but with 2 teenagers at home and one always has a boyfriend around they always seem to be eating.

  2. Probably not as well as it seems Karen as we did do a full shop pre Christmas but we are certainly spending only what we need to!


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