Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tired ...

Well, in just 35 minutes, the log man cometh, unloaded (manually) and we moved and stacked 0.9 of a cubic metre of seasoned logs. They have filled 1 1/4 parts of one of our tall log stores. I try to keep a count of how many logs I put into the wheelie bin to roll around to hubby who tips and stacks. Always lose count but I reckon around 500 logs (could be slightly more), which burning 6 a day on average totals around 80p per day and should last for around 84 days. 

Don't know if that is good or bad but they were certainly cheaper than our usual supplier and slightly smaller which is better for our sized burner. We still have maybe 2 more months of previously stacked logs to use before we start on these.

Although the weather chops and changes, on the warmer days, we often don't light the burner at all. Come summer, we will buy a full trailer load (around 1.9 cubic metres) and stack them so they can dry out fully ready for next winter.


  1. I'm loving the milder weather for saving on heating - after I'd had my gas bill in December I was still over £120 in credit. It's forecast to be colder towards the end of the week here, but I still don't think they have predicted frosts. We should be able to get away with no heating and just a fleece blanket over our knees. Enjoy your walk - I love seeing the photos of where you've been.

  2. Really like the lovely sunny pictures of your walks out : )

    Karen x

  3. That nice pile of wood logs will keep you warm for a while :)
    Love the photos from your walk, the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks for your nice comment :) Have a lovely day today!


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