Monday, 9 April 2012

Eating and resting...

I found a way to use up the few mini eggs the Easter bunny left. No photographs I'm afraid as we ate them before I remembered.

I buttered two ramekin dishes and cut 2 1/2 of my hot cross-less buns into small chunks. Half was divided between the two dishes. Then I crushed the last 8 mini eggs and put half the mixture on top. The other half of the buns was then added. Two eggs were put into a jug, topped up with milk, whisked and slowly poured it into the dishes, waiting for it to be absorbed before finishing topping them up. Once soaked, 2 teaspoons of sugar were sprinkled over the top and they were baked at 190 Celsius until risen and firm to the touch.

We didn't need anything else with them and as you ate, the thick layer of crunchy chocolate in the middle was lovely.

So then yesterday was a day of rest (too wet and cold outside) and a roast chicken dinner was served as a warm treat. I dished up 4 plates so we could have another in the next few days. Trying (and probably failing) to limit the pro-points, we had 2 small roast potatoes and 1/2 a breast each, plus lots of vegetables. Ignoring the treat of the pudding, I reckon we achieved a reasonable tally.

The weather for this next week seems to be lots more rain or showers, sunny intervals and cold nights. Poor plants must be very confused. I have placed one sheet of perspex over one of my raised beds where my seedlings are growing in containers. I'm worried they might drown and rot off and they've come so far. Only covering half the bed protects them from the worst of it but leaves the rest of the bed exposed to gather rain as well as helping to keep the temperature more under control.

We think we might go and get another rain butt today. That will make 3 plus the dustbin. I'm not too worried about the garden itself as that can be watered with water from the tap/bath/sink or where-ever. The plants in the fruit cage though, need rainwater so that is why we need to store as much as possible.

OH is busy getting on with making his cockatoo. It is now put together and has had a couple of undercoats applied. Hopefully, within a fortnight, it might be ready to join its mates in the fruit cage. Will post a photograph when its finished.


  1. That pudding sounds mouthwatering yumm

  2. Yes, I love the sound of the pudding too, delicious.Only trouble is in our house we wouldnt have had any leftover mini eggs!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.The three remaining Osmonds were brilliant I have to say.Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed himself.

  3. The pudding sounds excellent and a great way to use leftover buns, must try it sometime.

  4. I would struggle to have leftover buns! I love hot cross/ crossless buns - hot or cold - though not shopbought ones as they seem to have an unpleasant aftertaste.

  5. Chocolate and hot cross buns sounds like heaven! xxx

  6. Hiya - I stumbled on your pages via one of my many blog tangling forays(!) and would like to say congrats on such a lovely down to earth blog! Love the sound of the hot cross bun/mini egg creation - sounds yummy!

    1. Thanks Kim, welcome to my blog. Hope you continue to enjoy it.


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