Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hoorah and welcome!

Yesterday, I made my first batch of home made yoghurt. I used half the recipe (wasn't sure if the whole recipe would fit my jar - looks like it will) as per Rhonda Hetzel's  instructions which can be found here

I have made it before, years ago, using a yoghurt maker but somehow, it never came out correct. The machine always seemed too hot and it was always too runny or had a strange taste and smell. This one smells and tastes good. It is more like a natural yoghurt than a Greek one. Rhonda suggests adding a spoonful of jam/honey or whatever when using it to add flavour. I can also strain it to make Quark and other lovely things. We are both keen to do so, will let you know.

Half the back pond area has put on some early growth. The rest of the plants are just peeking through.

The gooseberries and one of the blueberries are in flower and it is nice to see the bumblebees can get in and out of the fruit cage okay.

This red flowered quince bush is at the front of the house. It also provides us with a few fruit but I have noticed, only a small part of it is flowering. Maybe the heavy frost got to it in winter.

Finally, welcome to our new bird, the cockatoo. 

He looks a little sad doesn't he but he'll soon make friends!. We decided to add more pinky-orange colour to him as he looked a little insipid. We don't try to make them authentic, just representative of what they should look like. I think once the loganberry gets going and covers them all slightly with leaves, it will look very jungle like in there. Hubby is now re-painting Indian Joe - watch this space!

Also, the first two early strawberries have begun to put out some flowers.


  1. We used to make yogurt too in a yogurt maker years ago which wasn't bad. Must give it another go. Not sure if I've tried quark, is it cheesy?

    1. We bought some Quark for a recipe. I think it is fair to say it is relatively tasteless!. I think if you wanted to use it that it is designed to have things added to it like herbs, sauces, lemon zest etc. I reckon if you made a lemon Victoria sponge, then sandwiched it together with Quark that had a little sugar/honey and lemon zest it, it would be lovely.

  2. The little cockatoo is lovely, the sort of thing I would put up in my little garden!
    My blueberries are flowering too now but I have had to cover them up for the last two nights because they forecast a frost.

  3. I love home made yoghurt and quark. Must make some yoghurt tonight.

  4. Sarina - we had our first taste yesterday. Quite neutral we thought so added a spoonful of home made blackcurrant jam. Consistency was gloopy. Next time, will try draining it overnight to make it a little thicker.

    Pat - We had covered our first flowering blueberry but not last night as I knocked some flowers off it when I uncovered it.


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