Monday, 16 April 2012

Welcome to my new follower Naomi – glad to have you on board.

Well it has been another sunny but very cold day again. We went for a 
2 1/2 mile walk around out local countryside. Could have kicked myself as I forgot to take my camera. 

There was much wild plum and sloe blossom, a few rogue tulips and other garden escapee's. Sitting on the top part of a ditch, underneath the bare hedge, was a female pheasant on her nest.

We had an amazing hour or so yesterday of rain and hail. The garden turned white at one point.

I've been busy over at A Liminal World, putting together the final part of my year 3 work. Just the DVD to get organized – based on my family tree information then that will be that.


  1. Hello :)
    Glad you enjoyed your walk, and how nice to see a pheasant!

    I see you have been busy lately working in your garden. It all seems to be coming along nicely, and the seedlings look great.

    Here it has been some chilly weeks, but new growth and spring flowers appear everywhere. I have started up some seedlings too, and they seem to do ok so far.

  2. It's been sunny here today too , and warm enough not to need a coat whilst I was out and about.We are forecast to have some heavy rain for the rest of the week.

    1. Lucky you with the warmth from the sun! Yes, our forecast for the rest of the week is not very good at all, guess we'll get very wet on our walk.


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