Tuesday 19 June 2012

Alpines and busy busy...

It has been a lovely sunny day today although it took a little while to get going. Managed to get a full wash dried, some gardening done and just a little more family history. My shoulders today feel quite a lot better although I didn't get much sleep last night. I felt as though I was sleeping on a bag of potatoes!

The alpine bed outside the kitchen window (which sits on top of a half height log store) is almost in full flower. Here are just a few of them: 

The mama springer spaniel lost one of her two pups, no doubt she is feeling very sad. That solves the problem of choosing as the owners will keep the surviving pup. Ah, ain't life sad sometimes.

I might not post for a few days as we will be busy doing something else. Will post about it when we finish.


  1. So pretty - I love alpines. Sad about the puppy :(
    Can't wait to see what you're going to be up to!

  2. Love the flower photos, your garden is doing beautifully :) In my garden I have the same geranium that's in the first photo.

    I have finally finished the felted slippers, and got around to translate the pattern for you. Hope you understand it, please ask if you have any questions. And sorry it took so long!!

    Knitted and felted slippers.
    The pattern is for sizes:

    (2-4 years) 6-8 (10-12) Woman (Man)

    Cast on (48) 52 (56) 64 (68) stitches and knit. When the work measures (12) 12 (13) 13 (14) cms cast off (8) 8 (8) 10 (10) stitches on each side. Continue knitting above these stitches untill the complete work measures (18) 21 (24) 28 (31) cms.

    The toe:

    1. Knit two stitches, knit two together, knit two stitches, knit two together... throughout the needle.
    2. Knit two rows.
    3. Knit one stitch, knit two together, knit one stitch, knit two together...
    4. Knit two rows.
    5.Knit two stitches together throughout the needle.
    6. Knit two, one or zero rows.
    7.Cut the thread and pull it through the remaining stitches.

    Sew together the slippers in the back (sew carefully and avoid getting any hard lumps), and on the top (see photos).

    After sewing them together felt them in the washing machine. How it felts differs from washing machine to washing machine. I felt my knit rather harsly on 60 C in short programme and full spinning cycle. Other prefers a more carful felting on 40 C. Test and see what you prefer.

    After felting the slippers must be shaped/stretched while still wet.

    When dry decorate the slippers in any way you like :)

    1. Thanks for that Hilde, I'll take a copy of that and give them a go sometime.x

  3. The flowers are very pretty.
    Shame about the pup.


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