Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Having a slow Jubilee!

We have both been feeling a little tired of late so decided on an easy Jubilee weekend rather than roaring off visiting too many places. We popped along to a fete just for an hour or so. Had a hot dog each, some strawberries and cream. Went on the tombola stall and won a jewellery tree and a battery operated clock – neither of which we could use.

Saw a young girl with her parents from our closed school and offered her the jewellery stand, which she was happy to receive. Then walked round to a bric a brac stall and gave them the radio. After talking to a few people we know, we came home.

Not many photographs to show you but here are a few:

Today we have been catching up on more family history, sorting out rogue individuals and hangers-on! I have dead headed the flowers in the front garden, unwrapped my tender plants from last night and am in the middle of making bread which I mustn't forget. 

Seems set to be a coolish week weather wise but hopefully no more cool nights until Friday. Although, we think we might get a little wet on our walk this week. Ah well, it is summer British style, what do we expect.


  1. You have done more than we have! Tony worked monday and today so we havent done anything.I didnt feel well today so all I have done is laze around on the sofa!

  2. love reading your blog and your food budget challenge. Im doing Open Studios until the 10th of June if you want to pop in.
    Best wishes,

  3. It looks like you were luckier with the weather than most! We had a quiet weekend too - a bit of pottering in the garden, and I went to a carboot yesterday as J was at work as it was his rostered bank holiday. He worked today too - the NHS gave them an extra day's holiday but they can take it whenever they like - it didn't have to be today. Good to hear you've sorted out more family history.

  4. Anne, hope you feel better soon.
    Jane - will try and make it, if not, maybe we can get together another time asap?
    Scarlet - Yes we were reasonably lucky with the weather, bet you got some more good finds at the car boot.


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