Friday, 29 June 2012

Cooler but nice

It is so much cooler today but nice all the same. Very windy though. 

Remember earlier in the year I bought some wild flower seeds plus some garden flower seeds? I thought I would have a go at growing more of my own so I can have different ones to those always available in the garden centre.

The first two are now in bloom. Here is one of the many corncockle's, followed by Nolana – a hanging basket plant although it will grow in the ground as well.

I also sowed some Nasturtiums as I like the leaves in salad but only one grew, pretty nonetheless:

I have a long group of various Sempervivums growing down the driveway fence which are just coming into flower:

I hope this afternoon, to have a go at making a half size Dutch Apple Tart.

Hope you and yours came through the dreadful weather okay. If not, my thoughts are with you as you clean up (I know, fat lot of good thoughts are!). 

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  1. Such beautiful flowers :) The sempervivum is gorgeous.


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