Saturday, 9 June 2012

Open Studio

First of all, welcome to my lovely new followers, Fostermummy, Kitchenbunny and Never too old. Hope you continue to enjoy reading. 
Popped over to Marham this morning to visit my friend Jane Clark's Open Studio event. Very good it was too. Haven't seen her for quite a while so it was nice to have an hour to catch up before visitors arrived. So far, she has had around 80! I've signed up for one (or more) of her one day courses to try and recover my artistic mojo. You can find her blog here:  Quilters Cottage Norfolk

Here are a few photographs of most of the inside of her log cabin studio (didn't take any of the far end as visitors were down there):

Remember me telling you about the bees and wondering where they went to. Well, it turns out they are just across the road, hanging in a neighbour's tree. 
Also, early this morning, managed to photograph this baby blackbird.

Finally, I have taken a few more photographs of more flowers in my garden which I have added to the table on my stand alone garden page.


  1. Lovely to see you and love the photos you took of my studio.
    See you soon,
    Best wishes,

  2. So talented, there are such lovely colours in those quilts. If my hive was up and running I might be tempted to jump in the car and come and collect those bees! Have a good weekend x

  3. What beautiful quilts - some people are so talented! It must have been very inspiring looking around your friend's Studio - I would love to have a space just for crafting!


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