Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tootling along...

The day started out nice and sunny but it has now clouded over and got a little windy. Showers are forecast for later on but as it is a little humid, I guess that is why.

Went off to buy some clematis netting for the cucumber and to top off the fence between us and the neighbour to keeps the birds from sitting on it whilst waiting for him to feed them. The amount of poo has got beyond the joke now and lets face it, is not very hygienic for us when we need to use our bins.

Also bought some organic insecticide to try and knock these bugs out on the fruit trees. Apart from the black fly and woolly aphids, there are some sort of little things running up and down, quickly followed by ants.

We have also been busy weeding the drive and back paths. Hopefully, weather permitting, we can get the weeds under control but more showers/rain is forecast for later on in the week. Need to feed my tomatoes etc but as they are soaking wet with all this rain, not sure if doing so will finish them off. For now, they have had a foliar feed to keep them going.


  1. I like your blog, the content and the way it's laid out. I love the pages on war time rations...funnily enough the other day I was looking at"The War time kitchen & garden" book put out by the BBC years ago to accompany the afternoon TV programme and was Googling about rationing when I found your blog. I'm new to all this blogging and had one or two false starts, but hopefully I'll enjoy it and meet some of the targets I've set myself. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Mrs S. and I hope you continue to enjoy reading.

  3. All good stuff. I wouldn't be very happy about the bird poo either.

    1. Hopefully we will get the job done in the next few days. Will take a photograph to show before we start.


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