Thursday, 7 June 2012

Water meter and bees ...

Yesterday, whilst working on the computer, I heard a loud buzzing. We often get big French wasps dropping out of our attic after OH has been up but this was louder than that. I looked out of the window to see a huge swarm of bees in the front garden.

They stayed around for about 5 minutes before moving next door. I shot outside to take a picture (not easy with my little camera) until they became interested in me so left them to it. They hung around for another few minutes then drifted down the street. The photograph doesn't cover even a quarter of the bees in the swarm!

First thing this morning, the water board turned up to install our meter.

We had just got back from our walk and were having a cup of tea at B's, when the heavens opened – how fortuitous was that?


  1. Speedwell is a wild flowere here as well, and right now it is starting to bloom in the edges of my garden. I find the flowers lovely :)

    What a huge swarm of bees... perhaps they had escaped from a bee hive somewhere in your neighbourhood? Hopefully the bees get back to where they live!

    Thanks for sharing the photos from your walk. It is always so nice to see pictures from the English landscape :)

  2. It looks so green and leafy and lush on your photos. I've never seen wild mignonette before - it's really pretty. You were brave going out to take a photo of the bees - I think I'd have stayed indoors. Love the sound of your chicken and ham pie - it's one of my favourites.

  3. Hi Hilde and Scarlet - I don't know of anyone in the near vicinity who has a hive so don't know where the bees came from. I know if the Queen (or there is another one born) that they leave the hive and where she goes, they go. There was a storm brewing so maybe they timed it to find somewhere new before the rains came. Although we had a wild flower book with us, this plant wasn't in it. Took me ages on the internet to identify it. Hopefully, I have got it correct!


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