Monday, 18 June 2012


Welcome to my new follower Compostwoman – nice to have you following even though my endeavours seem small compared to yours.

Not a lot happening here. Been for my monthly medical massage this morning – boy, was it uncomfortable. C. worked away the huge lumps and stretched my muscles back to where they should be sitting. My shoulders were killing me but feel quite a bit better now thank goodness.

I have been on the computer too much doing family history work so shall take a break from it to give me a chance to recover.

Rained overnight here plus this morning so no gardening today. DB and I spent an hour in the front garden yesterday, weeding and dead heading – still more to do but it is looking better. I also cut down my oriental poppies as the rain had flattened them. I know they will reappear later in the year and if I'm lucky, will flower again.

Hope to go for a quick visit to DS. and FDiL. soon. Looking forward to that. They were hoping to get another gun-dog puppy but the mum had a terrible breach birth and only 2 survived. The owner wants one as do DS. & FDiL. plus her parents. Will leave them to sort that out for themselves. Another friend whose working cocker spaniel has just had puppies says they can have one of those instead if they don't want to wait for a springer spaniel. I like both breeds so won't matter to me which they get.

Well that's all for now from Norfolk – have a great day.


  1. My Alfie is a Working Cocker Spaniel and is the most adorable dog ever (not that I am biased at all!!!!). Tell them to go for the cocker as they really will not be disappointed.

  2. First time visiting your blog and I'm now following. We're trying to be as frugal as possible and live a simpler life, so will be picking up tips along the way I hope.

    1. Welcome Lucy, hope you find the blog useful. We are not as frugal as some as we have paid off our mortgage now. However, we have found that we haven't altered our approach to life much and still continue to be frugal!


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