Thursday, 8 November 2012

How far can you stretch ... finito!

Welcome to my new follower Kerry, glad to have you reading. We have just returned from spending a couple of days with DS. & FDiL. plus dogs. They were having some new double glazing fitted to their front windows and door (a lot warmer and safer now). We also sorted out some other little problems, had to put blinds etc back up (where they would go as didn't want to screw into the new windows), and also helped DS. dig out some more mature shrubs in the back garden. FDiL. was at work so I made roast vegetable and chick pea lasagne for tea, followed by bread and butter pudding.

On the chicken wing front, the end draws nigh my friends, the end draws nigh!

The final 3 oz of the chicken, was used with curry mayonnaise, a few red grapes and a couple of radishes, to make a filling of coronation chicken in sandwiches for our lunch. 

We also had home grown apple, pear and tomato with them. The cost of the filling was £1.15 and filled 3 sandwiches of our home made bread.

That is all the chicken used up. The final half of the pie we had for tea with some peas and gravy.

Whilst the oven was on for the bread - sorry forgot to photograph them, I made a batch of apple and cranberry muffins - oops! there seems to be one missing!

So there you have it. 16 chicken wings made one pie (2 meals), 1 risotto, 1 sandwich filling for 2, and a large pan of soup, enough for 6 portions. Any extra I used was costed and shown on each post.


  1. Wow, you must at least get a mention in dispatches for this feat! What a shame the BBC can't do a tv programme along the lines of the war-time radio show which famously promoted Lord Wootlon's Pie....showing people how to strecth their measley scraps when rationing was at its height. And I don't mean having a celebrity chef showing the way. Oh, I don't kniow, I can just see Nigella sashaying off in a taxi to pick up her 'basics' at Harrods before returning 'home' to eek out her tiny portion into umpteen different nutritious meals! (Before even taking off her coat, natch!)

  2. Well, I enjoyed the challenge, might do something else similar sometime.

  3. Oh that looks so yum!
    Well done you must be delighted!

    1. It was nice to end up with nice tasting meals and snacks.

  4. 14 portions of food! Good going!

  5. I enjoyed making the things as well as eating them. Just shows how far you can stretch things with very little addition items.


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