Friday 16 November 2012

Things you don't expect to hear ...

Have you ever made raspberry couli?” are not the words you often hear being shouted at you from across the road, by a gardener, whilst out on a walk!

I should mention that this particular gardener is a friend, who was doing a garden in the next village to us where we were walking to vote for our so called 'local' police authority person.

I always vote whatever the occasion, regardless of whether I believe in the reason. Women died to give me the vote and I exercise my right every time.

Anyway back to the gardener. He has an allotment and grows huge amounts of fruit and vegetables on it. His raspberries this year were not great but he managed to give us some. The rest he fancied turning into couli.

He told me he had sterilised his bottle well and stored it in his fridge but after a month, the top had blown clean off and it smelt vinegary.

I haven't made couli before but told him I was under the impression that it is to be eating fresh.

As we prepared to walk away he yelled “Do you know how to get gloss paint of a carpet, only I recently painted the storage heaters and must have stepped in the paint and now there is a footprint on the new carpet”

How old is it?”

What, the carpet?”

No, the footprint”

A couple of weeks, I tried wiping it of with a cloth, then I used a furniture polish cloth and it looks a little better but my daughter can still see it. Don't want to use white spirit as it stink, don't it?”

I said I would check it out and get back to him. Eventually we finished our conversation and walked away.

A few steps later came “Have you see the price of a sackful of taters?”

Back we walked, “I saw £7.50 on a sack driving back from somewhere”

Turned out it was a rhetorical question as he wanted to tell me that he had recently seen a sack in a shop for £9.50.

We discussed the rising price of food for a few more minutes then he went back to work and we carried on to vote.

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  1. it's always nice when your neighbours talk to you. Our raspberry crop was miserable this year.



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