Saturday, 1 December 2012

A timely reminder...

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Also, welcome to my new follower Annette Webb.

Last night in bed, it was positively cold, and sleep came in bouts, occasionally disturbed by the worry of frozen pipes. Not in the house I might add as all are protected.

No, it is the two outside taps. Now we are on a water meter, I was concerned about them freezing and bursting. So, after walking to the shop (in the cold and rain) to buy the RT and a few other things, we sorted them out. Luckily we have previously put inside taps onto them and a quick turn and drain found no water coming out.

Were they already frozen? The temperature was -2 last night so we turned them back on and ran some water to check, no, they were both fine. Off the taps went again, they dribbled to a halt and hopefully that is that.

I'm never sure about the pipe coming from the oil tank. Our new oil tank sits on the floor, and only around 6” is exposed to the elements. We piled a couple of bricks over it, plus some gravel and hopefully that will be okay as well.

Today is the first day to open up my chocolate advent calender, haven't done it yet (as of 11.50 am). Think I might do so with my afternoon cup of tea!


  1. Hi new reader here..your blog is lovely and am making my way through it..your right it was cold last night..have you tried wrapping your outside taps in old blankets or towels,just wrap it around helps a bit.
    enjoy your advent choccy

  2. Welcome and thank you for your comment Sara. We always turn off our taps in winter as we have no use for them. If we need to use water, it comes from the water butts. Still haven't had my choccy!

  3. Such willpower! I think I would have opened every day by now! Advent calendars are just mental torture! We have to make sure our water tanks are always full because the tap that we fill up with quite often freezes and then we are stuck xxx


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