Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent and pesky commercial idiots...

Thankfully, the dreaded severe weather bypassed our country, for that, we can be thankful. Christmas present buying/making has finally been completed, just done my lovely animated e-cards, local cards to deliver then that is also complete. Gave the Christmas cake its final feed and will decorate it next week.

The Sunday just gone was the 2nd in Advent and I forgot to post our picture so here it is.

On a less convivial note, has anyone else noticed an increase in unsolicited anonymous comments from idiots selling 'work from home', or 'get a loan' style of comment, from commercial twits who think they stand a chance of getting published on my blog?

Comment moderation is always on, so they just get deleted, although I do notice quite a few of them on blog's of those who don't use comment moderation.

No free rides here.

If it continues I'll have to stop anonymous comments from being allowed to be posted, which seems a shame, but let's face it, they have no shame.


  1. Yes- I think the commercial anons have increased enormously - I get at least one per post these days.
    advent blessings !!

  2. Hi
    I've had lots of spam comments posted too but these were not anonymous. Some bot must have picked up on a word in one of my posts and these were comments which, at first glance, seemed just not quite right but almost ok - if you follow me. They were named (ordinary female names) but if I clicked on each name, they took me back to an American business and so I deleted them all. Mine is not a big blog and I get all excited if somebody has actually commented on my blog - and then was very disappointed when this last lot of comments were all spam. everyone seems to be getting increased levels of spam at the moment.

  3. Quite a few people have mentioned an increase in those type of comments. I don't get them because I don't allow anonymous comments, but I have had one email about advertising.

  4. Yes lots of the blogs i read have got spammed...even though i don't have a blog(something i am considering) i get spam in my mail daily..bogs me off..thats polite.
    I love your advent pic we have the more or less the same ornament..it does not get lit..little fingers find it fascinating..

  5. I get the odd one, a little more recently. Can't remember what settings I have for anonymous comments, I possibly stopped them, but some spam has got through anyway. They get deleted immediately and I hope I never miss one.

    1. Just changed my settings so hope my normal comment posters can still leave a comment!

  6. I get them sometimes, but Blogger seems to stop them being published. I have also noticed that old blogs that have not been used for some time but are still in my reading list have been hijacked by strangers with weird ideas and posts xxx


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