Sunday, 13 January 2013

An everyday kind of day today

Drove over to the beach this morning and picked up 2 carrier bags of dry seaweed from the high tide mark. Added them to the new compost heap along with a couple of spadefuls of already rotting compost.

It was 2 C higher there than at home, such is the variation in our local weather. Didn't stay long though as it was still cold. Came home, had a lovely cup of tea and the final bowlful of leek and pearl barley soup.

Mundane day today, hair washing, laundry, knitting, lighting the wood burner, cleaning the bathroom etc. Since taking early retirement, we no longer have set days to do stuff and can do things as and when we wish. The week days and weekends are no different to each other now. 

Mind you, every morning DB makes a longish list and I a slightly shorter one, just so we know what needs doing. If anything doesn't get done, it is simply added to the list for the following day.

Having knitted everyone a set of hand warmers for Christmas, I am now doing a pair for myself. Will finish one mitten today and start the other tomorrow. 

Should be giving blood tomorrow depending on what the weather does overnight. Think we should be okay regarding snow though, until the middle of the day and for a change, we have a late morning rather than an afternoon slot.

My £20 food spend for the month is well past its target. I think it will be more like £50 but still good for an entire month. We will cook curried chicken with lemon for tea and I'll post it here if I remember.


  1. I know it sounds weird but when we retired we really missed our weekends so I try to make Sunday a bit different from the rest of the week.
    I have started knitting hand warmers and socks for next Christmas !
    Fantastic about the seaweed - wonderful addition to the garden.
    I am a thousand miles from the ocean so have to make do with bottled !

    1. I usually use bottled but had read somewhere that adding some (but not too much) to your heap helps it out. I am also now saving our tea leaves (and coffee grounds if you use them) into a separate area for putting around my acid loving fruit bushes.

  2. Thanks for mentioning about using seaweed to go in the compost heap - I'll bear that in mind when I finally get mine started. :)

    The soup sounded lovely.


    1. Thank you. Get your heap started as quick as you can, it really is good stuff once it is finished.

  3. I have just come across your blog and as I don't know the background to your frugality I was astonished by the £20 a month on a food spend. Which post should I look at to tell me how you do it?

  4. Hi Elaine, I don't is the simple answer to that. I try to spend no more than £40 per week but don't always manage it. Some weeks it is more, some weeks less. My aim of £20 for the month was post Christmas when we didn't use all our (frugal) things I had made plus what is in my two small freezers. They contain meals I make and try to add one to the freezer at the same time. For instance, tonight we are having lemon chicken curry. It will serve us both plus one joint portion put away in the freezer. If you want to know how someone lives on £10 food a week, check out the blog highlighted for today over at Frugal Queen (find her on the right of my blog). Frugal Queen herself lives on £35 a week, give or take. It can be done.


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