Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

It was weigh day today and we are pleased to report DB has lost 3 lbs and myself 1lb from our Christmas extras, simply by getting back into our normal eating routine!

Yesterday, I found a whole chicken breast quarter in the freezer, suffering from slight freezer burn. It was roasted and had most of the meat picked off. Whilst it was roasting it was accompanied by a large pan of potatoes, then followed by 2 baked apples stuffed with home made mincemeat.

We had the chicken, plus some of the potatoes, stuffing, broad beans, runner beans (from the garden in our short summer!), peas and gravy. Half of the apples were eaten with custard.

The remains of the chicken breast

were striped from the bones and with the outer part of an onion, were boiled for 10 minutes to give me a base stock. They were then discarded.

I added the following diced vegetables: a whole thick slice of swede, 4 medium carrots, the onion, an old pepper, plus 2oz of pearl barley. They were simmered for 40 minutes. Then the chicken pieces and a tin of chopped tomatoes, one of chickpeas and two chicken stock cubes were added.

Before serving, 

the whole lot was blitzed with a stick blender, a generous helping of grated Parmesan was added. DB put a generous blob of chilli sauce in the bottom of each bowl. We had 4 ladles each plus 1 1/2 slices of home made bread.

There was enough left over for the same tomorrow lunch time. Another 3 ladles were put into a separate container to have more bits and pieces added, to be served with pasta for tea tomorrow.

The left over roast potatoes are for tea tonight along with a grilled bratwurst and grilled tomatoes. That will be followed by the remains of the stuffed apples and some freshly made birds custard!


  1. Fantastic - I did something very similar but was inspired (by you) to make the soup. I too have been baking apples and filling them with mincemeat. I made some cheese sauce to have with potatoes and brussels as a side for some of the left over Christmas ham and have enough left to make a cauliflower cheese with roast potatoes today. I sometimes think that maybe only one in a thousand cook like we do ?

  2. We had a similar tea today but with vegan sausages and a lovely slow cooked rice pudding to follow. The soup you make always looks so good. I've got some leeks that need using up , so it will be leek and potato soup for lunch tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Sometimes my soup needs a bit of jazzing up to get the flavour good. I must make a rice pudding, we really like it but just forget to do it.


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