Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Making and baking

Our chicken and vegetable soup was duly made and the first batch enjoyed.

I had missed the birthday of the DB of a friend of mine (70) and decided to make up some bags of cookie mix to give him one (with an apology).

Having never made this before, had to try it out. They were very good.

Forgot to take a photograph of them on the cooling try so here they are in the tin!

These were made from one bag of the mixture and I managed to get 30 cookies. The recipe for these can be found here

I didn't have enough chocolate chips but they still came out okay. At the moment I'm making our weekly two loaves of bread. After lunch, will attempt to make the chicken and vegetable cobbler previously mentioned.


  1. I'm very much into soup making at the moment DC and have been experimenting with various oddments of veg from the fridge. Your choc chip cookies look gorgeous. I used to make them when the children were young. Having just written that I'm now asking myself the question "why not now"?. Probably because I'm often watching my weight, but hey one or two won't hurt. Watch this space.
    Patricia x

  2. I love home made soup and bread.I make the soup and Tony's a dab hand at the bread. Between us we have got it cracked! Both off cookies at the moment, trying to fight the flab.


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