Sunday, 20 January 2013


I needed to make some more soup so in order to create a basic stock (had no bones), took a leaf out of Rhonda's book “Down to Earth”, and cooked up some scrubbed vegetable peelings. These were from 3 leeks, 4 carrots and 4 potatoes.

I simmered them for around 1/2 an hour and strained the liquid. As I was in the middle of making a goulash, I stole a small handful of finely chopped beef, plus pearl barley and the dried rind end of a parmesan portion and simmered it for an hour.

Extra vegetables and potatoes were added, 3 stock cubes, some chick peas and tinned tomatoes (can of each) and a large dollop of tomato puree. These simmered gently for 1/2 an hour, were left overnight and served for lunch today with the addition of grated cheese and a few drops of jalapeño sauce..

The spinach and feta roulade was lovely except for one little problem. I was wiping down the cooker top whilst it was in the oven. With 20 minutes to go, the switch got moved from 220 to 250 Celsius. Luckily, I smelt it catching other wise it would have been totally ruined as by the time I got to it, there were still 10 minutes to go! Forgot to photograph it.

Once removed, it was served and had the completely burnt bottom taken away (plus both ends). Didn't leave us with much so we ate it all! Anyway it was very nice and DB says he would like to try it again. Next time, providing I don't burn it, we should be able to get 2 meals from it. I used a block of frozen puff pastry (from a 2 block pack), then used only half of it. The other half was made into a mincemeat log and frozen for future use.

For pudding, we had a small scoop of blackcurrant and apple crumble (cold) and evaporated milk.


  1. What a really good idea. I would never have thought of saving the vegetable peelings for making stock but it is actually such good sense.

  2. I made sure I scrubbed the vegetables well and discarded any rubbish bits, then I kept the peelings in a lightly closed ice cream carton in the fridge. Wouldn't keep them more than 2 or 3 days though. The soup needed a bit extra to give it sufficient taste but with cheese and a dash of chilli sauce, it was good. More for lunch today and tomorrow.


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