Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Using the oven wisely...

I needed to bake some bread as we had nearly run out. Got myself together to have a good bake/cook whilst the oven was on.

First of all were these two loaves of pumpkin and sunflower seed bread.

These were followed by half a batch of home made granola – sorry no photograph.

Then I made some cakes. I had a lemon that had gone mouldy at one end. The zest was removed, then the mouldy end was cut off and the rest squeezed to give about 2 tablespoons juice.

My yoghurt hadn't quite worked properly so before straining it, I removed 2 tablespoons and added it, plus the above, to a sandwich cake mix weighed using 3 eggs. Here was the result.

Some are for us, and some to take up to DS. & FDiL. when we see them.Oh, they also had the last few chocolate drops from an old packet sprinkled in before baking. They tasted very lemony and were very soft due to the yoghurt.

Another meal was made for tea but that is for tomorrow's post.


  1. The door dropped off my oven on the boat so I have a combination microwave oven, which isn't the best and not very big. I miss making bread (my bread maker is also packed away!) Your baking looks so lovely and I am dead jealous! xxx

    1. Why thank ye kindly dear Fran. Are you planning on getting your oven door back on?

  2. Your bread looks great! I baked a large loaf yesterday in the bread machine thinking I was saving energy, only for daughter to announce last night that she wanted to have beef franks for supper tonight. So I currently have 7 "hamburger" buns rising and 8 hot dog buns rising. I'll be turning on the oven after all...but since it is kind of cool here I won't mind the extra heat.

    1. A little extra heat always comes in handy this time of year doesn't it.

  3. That bread looks so yummy as do the cakes,



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