Friday, 18 January 2013

Working to stay warm

Welcome to my new follower Nigel Boldero.

Positively warm at only -2 Celsius last night – not!

Just had a slippery walk to the local shop to get some onions and milk, both of which we forgot yesterday. Not going out again now.

The sky was a little blue this morning but has now gone to that particular grey/white which indicates snow. We are not due to get so much as other parts this time. Mind you, more on top of the 5 inches still around in some parts of the village, and on top of ice, will not be very pleasant at all.

It is amazing isn't it, that as a child or young adult, snow is such fun. Yet the older you get, you become more aware of what particular horror it might inflict on you should you fall.

Just been sorting some cupboards around. First aid stuff was taking up room in a wardrobe, the shelf of which was needed for other things. It is now occupying 2 of the 3 draws in the spare room. DS. and FDiL. are primarily the ones who visit and they don't use them.

Changing that around, freed up 2 of the 3 first aid baskets. They are now under the sink helping tidy up that particular spot. Top left baskets contains old cleaning stuff (trying to use it up) plus the beginning of home made cleaning items to replace them. Right basket houses my frugal laundry liquid items, Borax, Washing Soda, grater and spoon for soap etc.

Bottom left is my indoor compost bin which usually gets emptied into the big outdoor one around 3 times a week. We don't use a lid as it condensates too much. 

The old marmalade tin holds our drained tea leaves which we are saving for our acid loving plants such as the blueberries. We are a little alkaline for those so this should help. I know you can also do the same with coffee grounds but we don't drink much of that style coffee. 

To the right are 2 newly made bottles of frugal laundry liquid, plus the clear vinegar that is used as a conditioner. The blue lidded item behind the vinegar is a little oxy-clean that occasionally gets used if my whites get too dingy. Don't like using it and am not that bothered about slightly grey items but sometimes is is useful and as yet, haven't found anything to replace it with.


  1. I'm just working my way through all my 'bought in' cleaning products (how DID I manage to get SO many). Then like you I will be switching to homemade laundry liquid and cleaning products.

    It just seems so right to do this when we are trying to live more cheaply and more simply, and like your cupboard mine will be a lot less cluttered with just a few products.

    I stood back and looked at the range of cleaning products in Sainsb*rys yesterday and it was mind boggling!!

    Sue xx

    1. I only have two cleaning products left now, both associated with laundry. All other stuff was out by a year or so ago. Saw a new commercial last night by the Cillit Bang people. Just smiled and ignored it!

  2. I remember life going on pretty much as normal when I was a kid and we didnt have central heating nor bedroom heating! The ice formed a sheet on the inside of our windows then! Thankfully we are keeping warm, I have had flu all week so have had my own central heating system on full bore!!

    1. I used to get dressed in bed! Our heating is still set to 14 and only switch it on when we can't stand the cold any longer. The wood burner is getting lit around 2pm now rather than 4pm.

  3. My cupboard has fewer cleaning products too - with bicarb, a few Jif lemons( I bought a job lot from Approved Foods for pennies)and vinegar it looks more like a food cupboard! No significant snow for us. We had flurries on and off yesterday so had a dusting which froze - the back end of the car went as we pulled onto the driveway just after 10 last night. I see from the BBC weather this morning that you have more snow coming your way :(

    1. We had a very light dusting yesterday, hardly anymore to speak of. Yes, we are due some late tomorrow I think but as the weather forecast keepschanging, it is anyones guess.


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