Friday, 15 February 2013

Gardening - yay!

Welcome to my new follower(s) Roxie & Clem Yeah.

Although the temperature outside is around 7 Celsius, it is dry (ground underfoot very wet though) and on occasions, sunny.

After wrapping up to go outside to work for the first time this year, we found we were a little too warm!. I have been busy in the fruit cage removing the top layer of wood chip. This is to allow us to put more grit into the soil as well as a new layer of ericaceous compost.

Once that is done, the wood chip will be put back down in an effort to keep out the weeds. It seemed to work relatively well last year except for some mare's tail which is very difficult to get rid of so we don't even bother. This ancient, early world plant has survived this long, who are we to deny its existence. When up and in full 'green growth' it helps the garden look bushy!

DB was busy in the compost area, beginning to lay bricks underneath the area where the bins sit. We will leave gaps in the middle so the worms can keep coming up but hope Mr. Rat doesn't find his way back in (or any of his mates).

We had a lovely tea last night (don't celebrate Valentine's) of a cheesy jacket potato (only the second time this season, must be slipping), tuna and salad. I cooked 4 potatoes and the other two will be eaten as potato wedges another night.

Also thawed a bag of faggots to have for tomorrow, don't think they will last until Sunday. We seem to be a day out in our household with walking on a different day, it has really thrown us.


  1. Gardening - it creeps up on you doesn't it. Our grass looks as though it could do with a good cut but it's too wet at the moment and probably a bit early. We keep saying we're going to do more walking and when John is semi retired in a few months, I think that will be the time to get into a routine.
    Patricia x

    1. We no longer have any grass as DB was getting fed up looking after it (it was getting smaller and smaller each year). We love our walks not only once a week with friends but also out on our own.

  2. I buy three ft wide rolls of fencing wire( green plastic coated) and make circles, join them up and use them for compost bins. Very, very light and easy, when it is time to turn the compost I just remove the ties (think spring-form pan) and turn the compost into another circle.
    Not expensive and I have had mine for over 20 years. Just roll them up when not in use or to put them in another location. As I get older I cannot struggle with heavy structures or digging. Have all raised beds.
    In the kitchen I have switched out all heavy glass and pottery mixing bowls for the shiny metal ones that you can buy in indian shops - SUCH a difference, very light and easy to clean.

    1. We have 3 raised garden vegetable beds plus a large box on legs that DB built for me last year. Haven't much room at all for compost bins so these are on a permanent spot. All of front garden is a gravel garden, helps to keep down the weeds and keep in the water as here in the East, we are one of the driest areas of the country (yeah right!). I agree about cooking things, some of mine are beginning to get too heavy so might have to do something about it in future.

  3. Hasn't it been lovely today? I've had washing blowing on the line - some of it actually dried! The soil is still sodden here too, but we're hoping to get into the garden over the weekend/ next week ( J is off all week - yay!) to cut back all the dead stuff. We should be able to reach a lot of it from the paths/ patio. No Valentine's celebration here either- like you, we love each other every day. Email in progress. x

  4. Good for you getting out into the garden! I am still waiting to get out yet.I managed a couple of hours a few weeks ago but its still so cold and I cant face it yet. The back garden is north facing and we havent got the sun yet most of the garden so the soil needs to warm up.


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