Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another day another task

Having gone into town today to pick up some shopping that got missed on our monthly T***o run (they are reimbursing us), we also went to B & * to check out guttering prices. Far too expensive. In the end we decided to buy some cheap white waste pipe to use as the watering device for our down the drive bean and tomato garden.

Despite needing 4m, we somehow managed to come home with only 3 so shall have to go back next time we are in town to get some more. Such a mistake notwithstanding, we reckon that the entire watering system will cost around £8, so not too bad. I'll post pictures when it is in place and as the plants go in etc.

It has been quite hot here and early afternoon was not the best time to be gardening but hey, if needs must. I put in the plants I bought yesterday then began the odious task of weeding. Luckily for me (but not the weeds) someone popped around to visit so we stopped for a chat and some drinks.

By the time visitor went, neither of us felt like doing much more so we downed tools and gave the gas barbecue a good clean ready to cook a few things on it tonight. Nothing too exciting, just a couple of bratwurst and a couple of my home made sausage rounds.

All in all, its been a good day of working and resting, my kind of day.

Thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the churches and graveyards that we search whilst away.



Maes-y-gwartha Chapel
Many apologies if they are not spelt correctly. One day we went further afield for pleasure and ended up in Aberystwyth where it was sunny but blowing a very strong cold wind down the high street!


  1. Dont you just love old churches? Its amazing how you never come across two exactly the same. I like to go inside too, I love the stained glass windows and the smell!!!

  2. When we are in Wales it is the Chapels that I seek out, and I usually have a day in Aber.

  3. Each and every church very different and beautiful


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