Thursday, 30 January 2014

A cold and windy re-walk

Welcome to my new follower Mrs G.

Yesterday saw us out and about with E, re-doing a walk. She had not previously been with us and we also wanted to see if repair works to an old building had been finished. You can find details of the previous post on Walks II and going down to the date of 20th September 2012.

The polythene covering had been removed and you could now see the building and new work carried out:
There was the sound of shovelling coming from within and judging by the pile of dirt in the archway, internal work was still being carried out. We didn't bother going in as there are signs up asking you to make an appointment to view it or else 'pay £5 per person' for the privalege of going beyond the barriers. Not a particularly friendly approach we all felt!

By the time we had returned to the car, got out of our walking clothes (in a very cold wind), we were frozen so hurried off to the newly revamped Carpenter's Arms on the A47 at East Winch. Apart from having to wait for what seemed a very long time to receive our food, we all enjoyed lunches for those with a 'lighter appetite', which were the same price as a sandwich.


  1. It has been pretty chilly hasn't it, but hey it is winter! I cut that corner of the A47 off when heading from ours to anywhere up the A47 so hadn't noticed the pub had re-opened. Somewhere else to try for a light lunch maybe?

  2. We hadn't been before so didn't know what it was like. The food was good but a little too long to wait. A friend has been there during the evening and said it was all good.

  3. £5 per person is a bit cheeky just to go through the barriers. I don't blame you for not going in. I love a good walk followed by a nice hot lunch somewhere. x

    1. Can't beat something hot after a cold walk can you. Mind you, this time of year, we find it great just to be somewhere warm to eat!


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