Friday, 21 February 2014

A nice few days....

Weather-wise, here in the East of the country, we are due a few nice, sunny but blustery days. With that in mind, I have just hung a load of washing onto the line and with the wind, it should dry okay after a few hours.

We have finally finished sorting out the front garden, from late Autumn:
To today:
The snowdrops are fully grown and on a day like today, when the sun reaches them this afternoon, should open up ready to be pollinated. Same with the crocus' in the back garden. Haven't heard many bees flying around though!

In a couple of weeks time, I shall be covering one of my raised beds with two heavy-duty sheets of PVC to warm the soil ready for sowing. Mid March I will begin sowing seeds indoors. I don't like to start before then as we haven't got a proper greenhouse and usually, cannot plant out tomatoes until very late May but lately, early June. It is clear that weather patterns are changing.

DS and FDiL are due for the day tomorrow, coming down to say hello and to choose their new dog. Can't wait to see them, especially DS who has a fractured finger:(

That's all for now, see you again after the week-end.


  1. Washing on the line here in South Yorkshire!!

  2. Sunshine and heavy showers here. It was glorious when I set off walking to my Mum's this morning( a brisk-ish walk to test the ticker out - on main roads all the way in case something untoward happened!). Not long after arriving the heavens opened.
    Exciting to be choosing the new pup! Hope DS's finger isn't too painful - K is still having problems with her foot :(

  3. Washing dried on the line today here in Lincolnshire too!

  4. Yes, I've actually managed to get some bits out on the line outside and how fresh they smell when you bring them in, roll on Spring

  5. Washing round the Rayburn here in West Norfolk! But that's because we have no line since the rooks moved in - not sensible to leave stuff out there to be 'visited' !
    How wonderful to be choosing a pup. I get broody just thinking about it. Lx

  6. The weather seems to have settled a bit here in Essex and today is beautiful so the washing line is going to get an airing and my laundry will come in with that wonderful fresh air smell about it. I've missed it.
    Patricia x


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