Tuesday, 4 February 2014

More felt...

Welcome to three new followers - The Vintage Kitten and The Garden Sanctuary from here and Jennie Faulkner via Bloglovin.

Here are the last few pieces of felt, both lightly worked (which I now plan to fully felt) plus some pieces that were felted and then had to be tumble dried. The dried petals in the first one have now been removed ready to be fully felted:
This next piece included printing directly onto plain felt. Quite interesting. From there, we had to be a bit more abstract!
I had several pieces of felt that I didn't know what to make with them. I read through some of my felt rag books and found the inspiration for this piece in there.

Finally, the tumble dried felt (with other bits mixed in): The top two are very thick and might lend themselves to a small felt bag for glasses etc.

Hope you like them:)


  1. Really love these pieces, I must get myself around to having a go at felting. Love the washing line with the little pegs.

  2. Love the red coat on a line - definitely one to be framed!

    1. Yes, out of all the ones I made, that is my favourite. Might have to embroider a washing line and pegs though to get it to sit flat in a nice frame.


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