Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!

A normal day for us, knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening, washing, ironing etc. All household jobs have been done for today. I have managed to get most things planted in the garden that needed doing. A line of washing is blowing in the stiff but not too cold wind.

The strawberry trough table has been re-jigged again and now all the strawberries receive sun and rain in equal quantities. There are some small flower buds forming as well:
The first Blueberry is in full bloom, the second will come into flower a few weeks later and the gooseberries have flowered and are beginning to swell their fruit-lets:

I even have 4 flowers opened and pollinated on the Blackberry! The first small rows of crimson flowered Broad beans have come through. Some were too close together and have been transplanted further apart. With the sharp shower of rain we had this morning, they seem to have survived.

I shall begin sowing beans this week and plan on sowing just 4 climbing varieties,  3 French - Cobra, Major Cook's Lucky Dip and Blue Coco and 1 Runner bean - Desiree. There is after all, just the two of us.

We have 11 tomato plants just transplanted, still very small, 3 varieties - Tigerella, Bambino and Orange Bourgain:
The picture above, at the front, also has 2 tomatillo's and one Cucamelon in the tray.

As last year, some of the tomatoes and all the beans will be grown down near the garage, but will be switched around, to practice crop rotation (even if it is only bi-annually)!


  1. It's been very wet and cold here DC and very dull. This should mean I could catch up with a bit of housework, but do I? No. Instead we've made the most of reading the Sunday papers and doing virtually nothing all afternoon - bliss! Now if the sun shines I'm more likely to get all those jobs done. Enjoy your Easter Sunday.
    Patricia x

    1. We just had a quick scoot out for an ice-cream, how decadent!

  2. Gosh you seem well ahead, Dc - or perhaps Jim is just late this year, complaining about the cold damp earth since February!

    1. Our vegetable beds are raised and surrounded by 3" thick wood so tend to warm up reasonably quickly. Far too many people get caught out planting too early. These tomatoes will stay in for another week or so then go outside in the greenhouse (protected with fleece necessary) to slow them down a little.


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