Monday, 14 April 2014

Sun, wind, gardening, enjoying...

Yesterday and today, we have sun, wind, blue skies and cloudy ones, all scudding about, constantly chopping and changing.

On Saturday, we went to a nearby nursery to buy some more perennials. Three-quarters of them can and will be divided (into 2 or 3 plants), most going into the front gravel garden, the rest into the back. We like to look at more than vegetables whilst out there!

The red pear tree and one of the apple trees, on the front arch in the back garden, are in full flower at the moment. At last, they have met up in the middle and their blossom is intertwining nicely:
Blue skies returned about an hour after this photograph was taken.

The old raised herb bed, was replanted with alpines last year. Due to the early warm weather, quite a few are in flower, coming into or finishing:
The first lot of broad beans, carrots and beetroot, sown about a fortnight ago, are just beginning to poke their heads above soil level. There is a strong possibility of frost tonight, so fleece will be laid on top of the net covers.

Right oh, that is it for today, just about to hang out a final batch of washing, that will be it for this week then.I have started my next cushion cover, more about that later on.


  1. Hi DC. Just catching up on my reading so apologies if I've missed any recent posts. Your garden is looking good and I love your Alpine border it's very pretty. We stayed on the Essex/Suffolk border for a couple of days and the weather was certainly changeable - hot and sunny one minute, and cloudy and chilly the next. Back home again now with a line of laundry blowing in the sun. Catch up soon.
    Patricia x

    1. Can't beat a bit of line dried washing, fantastic smell! Glad you enjoyed your days away and didn't your son do well!

    2. Ah thanks DC yes he did and thanks for the comment you left x


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