Saturday, 10 May 2014

Download and save all your post photographs!

Note: This tutorial shows you how to do this if you are NOT on Google +. If you are, then go to the written version on the Blog tutorial page and go from there. Have her version open whilst downloading.

If I ever change over to Google +, I'll put up a tutorial here only if it is significantly different:)

Sorry for the delay in this final part of safely downloading and storing all your blog. This is the final part!

First of all, log into your blog and if you don't open up in it, go to your dashboard. At the top right, you will see your user name and a little downward facing arrow, click the arrow and select account settings:
You will open up a page that looks like this (except it will hold your personal information:

Click on Data tools at the top and you will arrive here:

Now click select data to download:

Click on the blue box that says, Create an archive:
Now, when you arrive at this screen, all the boxes will be ticked. Under the read box that says Create Archive, is a small box. To the right of this it says Select All, just click it and all the ticks will disappear. Now scroll down and click on the box to the left of Picasa Web Albums. A tick will appear.

Once you have a tick, go back up to the red box that says Create Archive and click on it.

This top part of the screen that appears, looks like this. Within a few seconds, it will begin downloading your Picasa Web Albums.

It takes a while so go and have a nice cup of tea or coffee and keep checking back.

Once it has finished, it will put up this screen:
Click on the blue button that says download. It will probably ask you to sign in again, do so. This screen next appears. Mine looks like this but you may get something slightly different:
Make sure you click Save file before pressing OK.

By now you should be getting the hang of this. Go and find it. If you can't remember where your computer puts downloads, just search for .zip and it should show you where it is. Mine looks like this:
Yours will have your email in it. It can initially come in, in two bits. I just wait and usually, one of the files that has 0 bytes (or very few), disappears and you are left with the above. Rename it or add the date of download into it:
There you go, hope that makes some sort of sense to you. If for any reason, you only get one zip file that has 0 bytes in it and nothing else arrives, then push the blue button again and download again.

I hope I haven't missed out any important steps, if so, please let me know.

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