Monday, 3 November 2014

Tired but happy...

First of all, welcome to Helen via Bloglovin.

We have had a tiring weekend. On Friday we travelled to spend the weekend with DS and FDiL, plus Grand-dogs. Saturday we went up north for DB, DS and his best man, to be measured for suits for DS and FDiL's wedding early next year. Although we were passengers, it was a 2 hour journey each way.

At least we got to see DS's daily commute as he has to do this drive every day for 4 days a week, no mean feat. Pleasant enough routes, 2 or 3 to choose from but still a long time each day and even more so, after a tiring day at work.

Anyway, we have to return for a first fitting mid December and possibly another in January but hopefully not. Apparently 1st fitting is usually not far off the mark. All 3 of them are going to look similar but DS should be different enough to stand out. Sunday we drove home.

Once retired, it is amazing how tiring travelling gets as it is not a daily occurrence for us any more.
I made soup for lunch today, courtesy of Elaine see here

I had some turkey stock in the freezer so it tasted like a turkey/chicken soup and was very creamy. I also cooked it my the thermal cook bag and it took 3 hours but needed a slight warm up once I had whizzed it.

Enough left over for tomorrow for lunch and we shall definitely make it again sometime soon. My pinhead oat meal is just out of date so I shall have to use it up in something. Maybe Parkin?


  1. I used to be stuck in a traffic jam for at least an hour every morning getting to work, how soon you forget when you no longer go to work. I often look at the traffic backed up through the trees while walking the dogs it helps me to remember how lucky I am x

    1. Indeed and it is nice to be past that phase of life no matter the reason!

  2. It sometimes took me 40 minutes just to get out of town, then another 40 to get from the edge of town to uni - and then only for a 1 hour lecture before I had to turn round and do it all again. I really don't miss that! I found it really tiring travelling to see K and A's new house - a bus and 2 trains each way:(
    Wedding prep certainly seems to be coming on apace now - it will be here before you know it!

  3. Luckily for him, most of it isn't stuck in traffic, just driving, 63 miles each way!

  4. Hello...I'm Jackie from Winters End Ramblings. Stumbled upon your blog the other day and have read your war diaries with interest. Now I'm spending much time reading your story from the beginning...about halfway through now. Think I can safely say I shall be a regular hopper over!

    1. Welcome Jackie. Hope to see you later then!


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