Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Been Busy...

Yesterday I baked us our usual two loaves of weekly bread. This time it was, 'Potato' white & rye:
Made us a large onion, pepper and cheese pizza for tea:

It is currently 10am and the outside temperature is still -1C, it was quite cold last night. DS sent us a picture yesterday, of his trip to work, over the hills:
He had his winter tyres on and they were working very well apparently!

DB has just come back from his check up at the dentist. Looks like he might have some sort of infection beginning! Dentist has taken an X-Ray and will let us know what treatment he will need.

I am currently making something for DS and FDiL, hope to have it finished in the next few days, taking far longer than I anticipated. Can't show it here yet until they have seen it.

Other than that, just trying to keep warm in the room I'm sewing in. Despite it being south facing, there is no heat from the sun penetrating it at the moment. Mind you, that is probably to be expected when almost a whole wall has a double glazed window in it! However, when the sun gets out and the door is closed, it is just lovely to be in there. Shame it isn't the lounge this time of the year.

On-line Christmas shopping is done and they have almost all been delivered. Must go into town this week and both do our presents for each other. Plus we still have to do our little Christmas Eve presents yet. As DS and FDiL expect to be arriving late, we might save opening them until another day.

E-cards have just been dispatched, snail mail ones were done the other day. Again, just immediate family ones to buy.

We might think about doing the decorations at the weekend, why the weekend I don't know, habit I guess.Other than that, we are both just tootling along.


  1. Is that snow in the photo or just a hard frost, are your family a long way up north?
    Sorry too many nosy questions!

    1. Yes, it is snow on top of the Derbyshire Peaks, just as he starts his nearly 2 hour drive!

  2. Bread and pizza both look yummy - did you use some of the ' potato' dough to make the pizza? Hope DB's tooth isn't too painful. It sounds as if Derbyshire has had snow dumped on it again overnight - hope DS has made it to work safely.

  3. Thank you. It is a bit of a misnomer having the title potato bread as it is just normal bread with milk and dried potato in. Yes, I did use some for the base and for a change, it was crisp. Haven't heard from DS so hopefully, he was fine.


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