Friday, 19 December 2014

On and on...

Just after I did my post for yesterday, the phone went and it was the hospital. Hello, we've just had a cancellation so can you come for a scan Friday morning? Nil by mouth for four hours beforehand.

Blast, another breakfast missed. As it happens, I wasn't at all hungry as I had had an uncomfortable evening and night. Doctors first thing for something else, given antibiotics, then off for an abdominal scan. Quite quick but quite uncomfortable. They said it was fine but was asked if I was getting pain at the back of my right ribs and he concentrated on that area for a while so who knows really?

All results should now go to my own doctor so hope to not hear from the hospital for a while! Anyway, have a good weekend and hope those of you with children manage to get some down time after the schools close.


  1. Here's hoping all is good with the results. It's good you managed to get a cancellation. All the best for Christmas and the new year.

  2. Hope they get you sorted out quickly and you feel brighter to enjoy your Christmas. X

    1. Me too and we hope you also have a good time.


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