Friday, 26 December 2014

Out and about and preparing for Christmas Meal

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We drove off early to catch the Hunstanton Christmas Day swim. I have posted about it on my other blog. After spending nearly an hour waiting for it to start (mind you we did buy hot chocolate and 3 doughnuts to share between us), it was over and done within 20 minutes. Obviously people didn't want to hang about in the cold!

When we got back home, we had a hot cup of tea to thaw us out and prepared our evening meal. Once that was done, we warmed up some curry soup from yesterday and had that for lunch:
Then we opened our Christmas presents from each other. Here are some second-hand books I had asked for - they should take me an age to read which is great, although the print on the bottom one is tiny - hope I can read it:
Got a few other things as well which was nice. We shall not open any more presents until we see DS and FDiL for his birthday - that will be our proper but delayed Christmas then, when we shall have some of the festive food I had prepared in advance.

We had our 'Christmas' meal in the evening:
Beef with marsala and prunes, roast potatoes and vegetables. DB didn't have the Brussels sprouts. I made up 4 meals so we can have the same for tea tonight. There was enough beef left over for us to have with DS in a few days time.

DB had a small bought Christmas Pudding and I had my previously prepared Damson Vodka Sponge Pudding, both of us had custard.

DS had telephoned in the afternoon and by the sound of things, they had had a whale of a time and he sounded relaxed and a little merry!

Hope your festive break continues to go well and that you are all having a good time. We shall go for a walk later around the village, then have a snack before I bake a dozen mince pies and make some granola for DB for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. What a great idea to request second hand books. There are so many around and because a lot of them have 2014 publishing dates on them they're virtually new books. Your beef meal looks delicious. P x

    1. Good way of getting lots even if it costs some postage. The meal can be made with pork or lamb as well.


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