Monday, 1 December 2014

Presents almost finished

That is, the ones I am making to give to friends and family. I can't reveal what they are until after the big day as they read this blog and it would spoil the surprise for them. They are all hand made, using things that I have been saving all year especially for this purpose.

DB and I hope everyone likes them and finds them useful. I love useful things. Sometimes you buy things and the container is pretty so it gets kept. Something gets delivered and the paper/material is nice so it is put to one side. A neighbour buys a particular type of conserve, they come in a lovely jar with a nice screw cap, she now saves them for me.

We are great believers in the following:

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without!

Most can be hand delivered but one or two need to be posted so hopefully, the Post Office charges won't be too much as they should be quite small once wrapped ready for posting. Unfortunately just checked, I was hoping they would fit a large letter but no, a small parcel. Still, considering they haven't cost too much to make, a bit of postage will make up for it!

That leaves us something to organise for our Grand-dogs (we have something in mind) and something to finish for a family member. After that, we can get on with the up close and personal presents!

Ooh, the mind boggles...


  1. Can you take some pictures and show us what you made after christmas, we would all love to see, next year I really want to concentrate on make do and mend, recycling and crafting more.

    1. Unfortunately they are all wrapped up but I hope to show what I did after the event.

  2. I'm like you, saving wrappers, bottles and material. I had a beautiful bunch of flowers from my daughter and the paper was exquisite. I made my own present bags one year out of some lovely wallpaper that a friend didn't want any more. If I have n't used something up after a year then I donate it to charity if possible or throw away.

    1. I love recycling but some people take offence for some reason. They no longer get things!


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