Friday, 8 May 2015

V.E. Day

This day 70 years ago, was Victory in Europe day, when the war in Europe came to a halt and people enjoyed themselves in many different styles of celebration. For some people today, the Election results may well bring some jubilant feelings, but for many more, a huge sense of despair. No more politics talk now. I'm going to get my dustpan and brush out, sweep up the debris and carry on.

Some celebrations for V. E. Day included street parties.  Can you guess who this little chap is, sitting at the end of the table, just turning around?:
Here he is again, having turned back:
Yes, it is D.B. Ah bless!


  1. I love seeing pics of the wartime era and reading about ordinary people's lives back then. Your new header photo is gorgeous, I absolutely love bluebells.

    1. Me too on both counts! It had rained heavily the day before the picture was taken so their scent was not as strong as normal, still gorgeous though.

  2. What wonderful photo's, I too love old photo's & yes your header photo is wonderful.
    We have bluebells all around us too.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Thank you. These bluebells were in Foxley Wood. We try and see them each year on our walks.


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