Monday, 27 July 2015

Holkham Hall Country Fair and a troll rant!

First of all, welcome to Jennifer and Greg Matthews via Bloglovin.

Before I chat about the above, can I just mention the ne'er do wells (trolls) who frequent certain social media sites namely those that begin with F and T!

I was shocked and disgusted to recently read that Andy Murray was berated (mainly by males) for daring to cry with relief and exhaustion, after winning his match in the Davis Cup. The outcome of which helped GB beat France and get us into the semi-finals. What sort of parents are bringing up these so called men?

We brought our son up to believe crying wasn't for sissy's. He rarely cries but should the need arise, he knows he can. Well done DS and Andy, for showing your emotions, more power to your collective elbows!

Rant over, back to Holkham, which we visited last Saturday. Herewith some photographs:
A whole row of Series I Land Rovers, the front one was a hearse!
It was blowing a gale so I took a photograph of this lovely herb place which we will visit in comfort.
Older cars
Ponies and their racers from various counties of England (not the UK before anyone comments!)

Norfolk triumphed in the end!
Above and below was a fantastic German Salami stall, who were selling 7 different salami for the grand price of £10 (normal retail price would be £24.50!) They have now been divided and frozen as informed.

I love watching dogs scurry, most of whom had no idea what they were doing but were enjoying themselves none the less. The young Fox Red Labrador below had some idea.
The Norfolk/Suffolk Police were there with their horses and various cars and vans.
Below is what we bought - the salami:
 Some very hot cheese - I didn't taste it but DB did and said it was good:)
Finally some cheese for a local friend's birthday.
It was difficult to decide which day to visit as Friday night into Saturday morning was very wet and windy. As you can see by the photographs though, the sun did come out. Sunday was only going to be dry in the morning so Saturday it was. We took a packed lunch and drinks but treated ourselves to some hot coffee as it was initially so cold.


  1. I'm absolutely with you on the subject of men shedding tears, showing emotion is for REAL MEN! Our DS, as yours, was brought up to know that showing emotion is nothing for a man to be afraid of. So much so that when he turned and saw his bride walking up the aisle he did a lot of quick blinking, and when he made his speech and proposed a toast to those who are no longer with us, he actively wept!
    The stall you got your salamis from is Continental Cottage, they visit quite a few fairs and food festivals around here, we always get the offer, as we get quite a few meals from the different sausages, the chorizo is particularly good!
    We also buy cheese on-line from the Cheshire Cheese Company, 'Black Bob' is lovely, but I absolutely love their 'Sticky Toffee Heaven Cheddar', and 'Caramelised Onion and Rioja Cheddar' is pretty tasty too!
    Occasionally we get a large 'Lancashire Black Bomb' and share it with DS and DDiL, I should be ashamed as we're all Cheshire born and bred, but we prefer Lancashire cheese!
    I have a Cheshire Cheese Club membership, which costs £9-95 per year, but saves us 10% on every cheese purchase, and as cheese is so expensive it doesn't take long to recoup the membership layout! It's not the expense of it that bothers me, its the calories in it, I'm like a mouse, it there's cheese in the house, I nibble and nibble and nibble, I can't help myself, where cheese is concerned, I have zero willpower!
    We visited Holkham Hall a few years ago when were on holiday in your neck of the woods, it was gorgeous! I wonder if they would have noticed if I'd purloined a few of the beautiful copper pans from the kitchen?

    1. Depends on how large the bag was that you might have concealed the pans in! I wish people would get off Andy's back, what do they want other than their 15 minutes of putrid fame!

    2. The number of pans I coveted, perhaps half a dozen wheelie bin liner bags!

  2. Trolls ... the scourge of social media :-(

    Looks like a lovely day out, and that salami was a good buy.

    We fell lucky with the weather too, for once we believed the forecast and took ourselves out on Saturday and yes, on Sunday it rained and rained all day.

    1. I'm not a big fan of dried meat but if toasted in the oven or dry fried until crispy , then I can eat it.

  3. Love the salami always handy to add to various dishes. I read the Daily Mail on line and I'm always disgusted at the comments some people leave especially when its a sad story.

    1. I think some people just want the 'fame'

  4. Just arrived in Norfolk. Too late for the show, but will check out herb place as we are so clos to dereham

    1. Hopefully they will be good and I thought their prices were quite good.

  5. I can recommend the herb place as I went there earlier this year for some more herbs - well what else would I get from a Herb Farm. They also sell special compost and my herbs have done very well in that.

    Remember going to the show the first year we were here - 1996. My daughter was horse mad and was thrilled to bits to be able to talk to the famous showjumper Everest oops can't remember the rest of the name and she was actually allowed to hold him for the groom. We didn't have a camera. Really made her day and she's never forgotten it.

    1. That's nice to know, looking forward to visiting. One lady and a police horse were having a nuzzle, it was lovely to watch. The horse just nuzzled his nose into her neck, while she stroked his forehead, he stood still and closed his eyes - wonderful!


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