Friday, 24 July 2015

Saving your blog posts, comments and pictures

Welcome to Sharon Deasy via Bloglovin.

I thought I would do a new tutorial on how to back up your blog, comments and all pictures you have put on it. I do check my tutorials and noticed that my how to was out of date!

You really do need to know how to do this as some blogger's have lost years of their journey through life by someone either stealing their blog domain name (non-blogger blog's I believe)  or some major blip where it has just disappeared, never to be seen again. I try to do this every month just in case. That way, I have only lost the last month of it.

Go to your blog home page - the one that shows the links to blog's you read, where your followers appear etc. At the top right, you will find your name and/or picture such as this:
Click on the little downward facing arrow where this screen will appear:
Yours will show your blog email,  I have painted mine out! Press Account, you will arrive here:

 In the middle column, press Account overview, you will arrive at Account overview so scroll down slightly where you should find this bit:
Click on the bit that says Create Archive. The next screen should look like this:
This is a screen shot so some is missing from the bottom and accounts for its fuzziness! Anyhow, note the green tick boxes. At the top of those where it says select none, press on that. The screen will now look empty so click on Blogger and Google Photo's - like this:

Note before doing so you can also save other Google content but the more you select to save the longer it takes to download.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next. You should see this screen which states you have selected 2 products:
Press the Create archive button at the bottom:
It will initially look like the above but once it starts to create the archive will look like this:
Wait until it finishes. When it has created the archive, this screen will appear:
Press the Download button on the right (NOT THE MANAGE ARCHIVE ONE IN BLUE). You will come to this screen:
Click OK.

Now, you need to know where your computer stores downloads. Double click on the downloads folder once you find it, look for this take out image or name (on Mac it will be at the top):

If you then click it twice (slowly else it opens), it becomes highlighted, then rename it so you know what it is:
Now, you can either leave it in there or do as I prefer and copy it into another folder for safe keeping. Once copied, you can delete the version in your downloads. It is up to you.

Hope you find this useful. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. To a new (and very non-techie) blogger like me, that is really useful and easy to follow.....thank you very much.

  2. I know you are supposed to make copies of your blog, but I must be thick, this completely baffles me. Thank you all the same.

    1. It helps to have your blog open on one page or tab, then open my instructions on another, then you just click from your blog to mine and it makes it easier to do.


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